Ethan McGregor (early 40’s) :  Ethan is a born leader. He was destined to live a normal life until an unfortunate military incident changed the way he views the world and gifted him with the ability to see the world fractally; and connect parts of his brain normal humans cannot. After using his new found skill for military purposes, Ethan became disillusioned by the government and walked away. Since then, he has become the only Fractalogist in the world, while trying to keep his life as simple as possible to offset the chaos going on in his brain. Ethan doesn’t live by the normal rules of society. He sees things on such a grand scale that regulations and laws seem trite and ineffective. Viewing the world this way has its advantages and disadvantages.

Our story begins after he has followed his estranged daughter to Green Bay. Using his gifts, he is exceptionally good at solving crime using Fractal design and technology.   But despite this “gift,” Ethan does not fully comprehend how to consistently apply his savant traits to command power. But we quickly learn Ethan has a higher purpose (even if he is not fully aware of it at the onset) where he will need to harness this power.  His quest has brought him to Green Bay not only to reconcile with his daughter, but also to save her, and possibly all mankind in the process.

Kristin McGregor (early 20’s) : Unaware that her mother (Monica) injected herself with cancer, Kristin is haunted by her mother’s death; and is determined – on an almost obsessive level - to finish her mother’s work- to find the vials that prove the cure for cancer and later on, to take down the collective. Kristin has a gift, which seems impossible—savant like traits passed to her genetically from her father. While her father has the ability to connect parts of his brain together, Kristin can take that a step further and connect to others’ brains.  Unique to the world of savants, she is able to apply her remarkable skillset to practical uses. She is beautiful and will use that- and any other means necessary-to find answers regarding her mother’s legacy. She is the central interest of world’s most intelligent people who have connected to become The Collective. They recognize and want to understand how Kristin’s mind works so she can provide them with the know-how to accelerate their ability to control knowledge globally.

Monica McGregor (early 40’s) : Monica is the deceased wife of Ethan and mother of Kristin.  We see her frequently in flashbacks; which are vital to our story. She organized a group of Mensans to create the foundation for the worldwide group known as “The Collective.” Monica believed the answers to all of life’s mysteries lie in fractal design.  On the cusp of discovering the cure for cancer, and frustrated by a lack of action and heavy regulations – Monica does the unthinkable-and injects herself with a heavy dose of cancer causing drugs to prove her work, but unfortunately dies before her work could save her. Prior to death, she worked with the Research Department at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.  Her death is the motivating force behind many of Ethan and Kristin’s actions.

Collective: A worldwide group of geniuses and savants that grew out of a local collective Monica formed to create a utopian society. Their first task was to cure cancer. They are without boundaries and made up of the super-nerds of the world.

Professor Newton (50’s):  Newton is killed in the opening scene, Professor Newton was carrying on Monica’s work. He was a well-respected University of Wisconsin-Green Bay professor who was known to have tremendous knowledge of how the mind works and the impact of fractal design. He is seen as a crazy professor to some, and a genius to others. Professor Newton will be featured frequently in flashbacks.

Richard Wiley (50’): Richard Wiley is an amazing artist.  As a Mensa member, he feels it is his mission to widely communicate the importance art plays to the sciences; and should never be overlooked. For when merged together, art and science provide knowledge to answer the most challenging questions the universe poses.  He was also the romantic partner to Dr. Newton.

Marilyn Van Sant (early 40’s) : Marilyn is beautiful and sophisticated; possessing the highest known I.Q. in the world.  She will become a romantic interest of Ethan’s and a friend of Richard’s.  She is well travelled and quite worldly.

Professor Sheldon: Professor Sheldon is one of Kristin’s professors. He is sophisticated and more stylish and hip than a typical professor; he was a colleague of Dr. Newton’s; yet was convinced Professor Newton was crazy.
Officer Nate Tomlinson: As Ethan’s police liaison, Nate seems like a fun-loving guy. He is a social butterfly and can often be found singing in local karaoke bars.
Agent Seth Schlosser: Seth is a ‘by the book’ agent with a sense of mystery. The audience is not privy to his thoughts.  He is a lead investigator in the murder case involving Dr. Newton.

Max: A 12-year-old Native American boy is killed in the first episode.  His death begins Ethan’s journey for truth.
Melanie: Melanie is a University of Wisconsin-Green Bay student who is Kristin’s best friend, and Bryce’s girlfriend.
Bryce Miller: A University of Wisconsin-Green Bay student who is killed in the first episode. He was Melanie’s boyfriend and had a deep connection to Professor Newton.
Spencer Thompson (early 20’s) : Suicidal. Dies in episode 1, but will return throughout in flashbacks. Troubled from the information he knows.
Shane Thompson (early 20’s) : Spenser’s twin brother and member of Dr. Newton’s cancer study group. Works with Seth from the inside and a potential member of the Collective.
Mike (bartender) mid-40’s:  Blue-collar relief. Smarter than she lets on.
Jason McGregor (late 30’s) : Ethan’s younger brother; a Priest.  Estranged from Ethan ever since his incident; doesn’t understand the implications.
Hazel McGregor (mid 60’s): Ethan’s mother. In the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Lives in Chicago, IL
William Heineken (early 40’s) :  A marine.  Ethan’s friend from the service. Will be a valuable resource for Ethan throughout.
Gen. Williams (late 60’s) :  An Army officer.  Gen. Williams will follow Kristin for many years as she begins to develop her savant skills.